1. Handloom Products: The game changer in sustainable fashion industry

    India- The land of Diversity is blessed with wide range textile, fabrics and prints from different states. There is a diverse network of artisans and their communities who dedicatedly create and design these sustainable pieces of art. These are not just clothes but our cultural and traditional heritage. 


    In 2021 the concept of sustainable and slow fashion has become the talk of the town which was not very popular earlier. The environmentally-conscious fashion is shaking up the game of the fashion industry. The clothing industry is the second largest waste producer globally and sustainability could be very helpful in creating a better picture. 


    Sarikart has taken the initiative to provide a platform to all the weavers from across the country to showcase their products and sell them nationally and internationally. Handloo

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  2. Celebrating Saree "The legacy of every India woman"

    Celebrating Saree "The legacy of every India woman"

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